Nebby-Plus Nebuliser


Nebby-Plus Nebuliser

The Nebby Plus is an effective and compact nebuliser with piston compressor for use in the home.

This nebuliser is supplied with the following items as standard

Drug Chamber

Adult & Child Face Masks

Mouth Piece

Nasal Prongs

Tubing and Filter

Product Code: AP407A


  • Capacity: 12ml.
  • Respirable Volume: <5micron: 75%.
  • Neb Rate: 0,35ml/min.
  • Residual Volume: 0,7ml.
  • Max Pressure: 1,85 bar/185kPa.
  • Max Flow: 10 l/min.
  • Operating Flow: 5 l/min (at 0,7 bar/70kPa)
  • Weight: 1.5 KGS.