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MediTENS XP Obstetric TENS Machine


MediTENS XP Obstetric TENS Machine

Portable and non-invasive, TENS is considered a very safe, easy means of pain relief, so it’s great for labour. It doesn’t cause any side-effects or harm your baby and can be combined with other methods of pain relief, too.

The  an advanced dual channel digital TENS machine for pain management. The “trigger” style control is recommended for obstetric use, as a pain management tool during labour

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  • 5 easy to select TENS programmes
  • Combined pain-gate and endorphin release programme targets chronic pain
  • Sweeping TENS programme for targeting acute pain
  • ‘Trigger’ button to maximise pain relief – perfect for obstetric use
  • Pulse frequency 4-150Hz
  • Pulse width 150μsec
  • Intensity lock button
  • Belt clip